Monday, February 27, 2006

Back from egypt

I'm back! It was really nice and worm :) The sun is shining over there all day long and they had 3 days with rain (rain is 10 minutes of rain) in the last 10 years, our guide said.

Well it's also nice to be back, although it is really cold here... Hopefully spring comes fast.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

I don't agree...

I really dislike what our minister of reforms did! He showed himself in TV with a T-shirt against the islam and their prophet. I'm happy that Berlusconi asked him to quit his job!

Why did he do that?

I mean why are people always adding oil to the fire... It makes absolutely no sense. I think he should go! He should put down his minister job!!

We have here a seperation between the state and the religion. That's good. But I think that caricatures showing Jesus naked or between gay people, are also inappropriate.

Think a little bit about the guy behind the word Jesus or any other prophet. Those people did great work, they were admired, and why should they now be harmed in that way? I think people doing such stuff want only make a lot money and don't think about anything else then their money and career. This has nothing to do with pointing something out: it's simply making money!

Well this is my point and I think that we should always think a little bit before doing something and we should always be a little bit tactfulness when doing something. Nobody prohibits us to tell our opinion, but just being a little bit tactfulness would help.

Peace, pace!

PS: The law says that the freedom of speech goes as long as it does not harm somebody else...

Friday, February 17, 2006

Vacation in egypt

My family and I are going to visit egypt for a week. Vacation time! I'm looking forward to swim a little bit and enjoy the sun. I can't even imagine that they have there over 20°C.

Hopefully my skin gets a little bit brown :) That would be great. The club is a all-inclusive thing. We can eat as much as we can.. Everything is included.

Well, let's hope that there is no terrorist attack or something like that.

They said that the ocean is there really cool. There is a lot fishes. Snorkeling must be fun. We can get the snorkeling stuff there for free (remember all-inclusive)... Hehe...

What a fun!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Still no logo for Chili Software

We have still not found a definitive logo for Chili Software. I switched now back to one of the old logos, which i personally like very much, but I really don't know how other people like the logo...

Perhaps somebody could help - or give hints.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Olympic winter games are starting

Finally! The olympic winter games in italy (torino 2006) are starting. This means: watching TV :) I'm really curious to see who is going to win the medals.

1 hour to go until the official opening starts!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Porsche Can't Park

Well, this picture does not require any additional words ;-)
Note: This is not my car... :(

Arnold Schwarzenegger - Bleeder of the Pack

"In the movies, Arnold Schwarzenegger can jump a motorcycle over an over-pass without a single scratch. In real life, the guy can’t make a right turn without ending up looking like this."

Plus, Arnold did not have motorcycle license.