Friday, June 24, 2005

Test features in Whidbey: Thumbs up!

The test features in Whidbey are really cool. They are tightly integrated with the debugger (in Beta 2) and easy to use. I like that you have only to apply some attributes on classes and methods and Whidbey understands that those items are tests. Although it seems very similar to NUnit, but it seems to be the best way to do it.

I like the features of Whidbey to create the test stubs for existing classes! *thumbs up*

One thing I don't really like are the web tests. They are nice to create etc., but the output is almost never usable without any modifications.
One example is variable parameters in the URL of the web page (which happens very often). The user browses for example to the user overview and create a new user. Then she/he tries to edit that user (the url of the page would be for example EditUser.aspx?Id=342). After that she/he is going to delete the user. The next time the test runs it creates a new user but tries then to navigate to EditUser.aspx?Id=342. The user with that ID does no longer exist.
The only way I was able to make such tests working is to create a "coded" version of the webtest and edit it manually. I guess it's the only way, because Whidbey can't guess the IDs without some help :)


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