Friday, August 19, 2005

[Opf3] Opf3 Wizard Alpha 1

It is ready! We are sending the Alpha 1 to customer interested in getting in contact with the early bits.

I don’t know if you have heard something about the Opf3 Wizard. It’s a new tool to automatically generate persistent objects for Opf3. We have finished the first alpha right now.

What does the Wizard do?
The final version of the wizard is going to create the persistent objects (in C#) for Opf3. In a first step the tool is going to analyze a database (you provide the connection string – you can store the connection strings for your convenience) and create a first mapping (name of the persistent objects, properties, relations etc.). You can then customize every property and relation that is created (the Alpha does not include that feature – comes with the first Beta). Furthermore you have the possibility to implement automatically the interfaces for the persistent objects provided by Opf3.

As a second feature the final version will also create test objects for the persistent objects (the test objects are created for the test suite coming with VS 2005).

The wizard is plug-in based. You may extend the program: create new plug-ins or add other languages for the persistent objects … It is up to you to extend it. There will be also a version that ships with the full source code to allow you to extend/enhance everything.


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