Saturday, February 18, 2006

I don't agree...

I really dislike what our minister of reforms did! He showed himself in TV with a T-shirt against the islam and their prophet. I'm happy that Berlusconi asked him to quit his job!

Why did he do that?

I mean why are people always adding oil to the fire... It makes absolutely no sense. I think he should go! He should put down his minister job!!

We have here a seperation between the state and the religion. That's good. But I think that caricatures showing Jesus naked or between gay people, are also inappropriate.

Think a little bit about the guy behind the word Jesus or any other prophet. Those people did great work, they were admired, and why should they now be harmed in that way? I think people doing such stuff want only make a lot money and don't think about anything else then their money and career. This has nothing to do with pointing something out: it's simply making money!

Well this is my point and I think that we should always think a little bit before doing something and we should always be a little bit tactfulness when doing something. Nobody prohibits us to tell our opinion, but just being a little bit tactfulness would help.

Peace, pace!

PS: The law says that the freedom of speech goes as long as it does not harm somebody else...


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