Monday, March 20, 2006

Microsoft Student Partner

I'm a MSP now... Sound great and feels good :-) I'm now allowed to put that on my own visit cards and e-mails etc. Cool stuff.

I guess I have to switch to MSN Spaces now - hehe ;-) What is me doing at the competitors web site...

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Snow in march!!

I'm back in vienna now. We have snow here! In march! That's incredible... At home the first tulips and other flowers are already starting to flower, but here - nothing! Snow, snow, snow!

Yesterday I was with my cousin playing volley ball. It was really cool, but I'm a real rookie. I just can't play very well. We did some practising of the technique and played a few matches with the guys. It was fun. Well I guess it's always hard to start something, and you can't be the best from the beginning ;-) We are now going once a week playing in a club and another day of the week playing with some friends... :-)

Today I have my second day at university. Statistics :-! I hope it is a little bit funnier then the thing yesterday. The lecture was called "Intelligent software agents" but it was sooooooooooooo boring, you can't immagine. I left after 1 hour (one was still to go), but it was enough for me... I started even playing "super mario land" and other games on my mobile phone, while the professor was talking. He was so slow and said things that aren't true - I mean on the slides they were written in another way then he said them, and he was wrong! Some of the slides were also incomplete...
Well I guess this is vienna technical university ;-)