Tuesday, May 30, 2006


A well forgot something: Tomorrow is my birthday. I'm turning 24. Let's see who remembers...

Long time no post; learning math


It's now quite a time that I did not post anything. That's because there was nothing important in my life. Everything is going on well. Studying, having fun, girl friend, going out etc. Just a normal life.

Since it's spring now, I'm often out for walks or to enjoy a little bit the sun.

I'm also learning math for my exam on the 4th July. I need to pass it! It's important for my studies and to go on. I'm taking it seriously this time and therefore going to the professor to talk about the things I don't understand very well.

In my free time I'm also doing some work with Managed Direct X. It's just fun to manipulate some matrices and vectors or to do a few shaders. Something to think a little bit. It's nice stuff... Perhaps something will come out of my research and learning.

Anyway! Have a few nice days and enjoy the sun.