Thursday, September 29, 2005

Hi Domenico; soccer player and the only ultimate mahagoni fan!

I had to post this! The title has to do with creation of a program for the local joiner alliance. Since we (Domenico and I) did not know which kind of wood to put into the program (for our tests) we used "mahagoni"... Everything was mahagoni in the program :D haha!!

We had a kitchen made in mahagoni and a type of furniture that was "mahagonisiert". So much fun!

Who is Domenico? He is a student at the technical university of vienna (like me). I did not know him before this summer and he did not develop one line of code before this summer. But he learned so fast: *THUMBS UP* for him! Great work, Domenico! We had not to fix any bug in your code (a yes, one, but that was not really your bug).

Cheers everybody!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's cool and surprises me! yes, finally i learned more than I thought when i finished to work at sarix. the sarix-team is one of the best and friendliest teams i have the honor to work with. and i have to post that you are one of the best teachers i ever had ;-). man, .net & C# are cool and simple to use and i was impressed of opf3 and all the work that's behind it...great work!
ok, my "schnecke" is waiting. i have to go...

p.s.: now i have a new dell laptop too, so you can see me again in the icq... best wishes, Mengo

9/30/2005 8:57 PM  
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