Wednesday, September 21, 2005

[Opf3] Visual Studio 2005 RC1, Next version of Opf3 and Opf3 Wizard Beta 2 + Firebird Storage

Hi everybody! I downloaded the release candidate 1 of Visual Studio 2005, yesterday. Today I installed it and after a few tweaks it was very easy to make Opf3 "RC1" ready :)

The next version of the Opf3 framework will be released next week! I guess monday... or the day after. Opf3 Wizard Beta 2 is also ready and will be released the same day as the Opf3 framework.

That day we will also release a demo of the Opf3 Wizard!

We will also release a storage for the FireBird storage. The provider will be available with the next release of the Opf3 framework.


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