Friday, January 13, 2006

[Opf3] Getting a completely new web site

Opf3 is getting a new web site! I was working on it for the last two months. It's big, it's enourmous. The main goal was getting more information to the user, making Opf3 better, transparent and easier to understand. And: getting an area for the customer where you can download your files and packages in an easier way then the current!

Not to forget: The new page is also having an integrated forum ;-) Finally.

I'm currently working on the video material on "how to use Opf3" and "how to work with Opf3". I want the framework to be easier to learn and understand.

I hope you enjoy the new page. It's going online on the end of this month (waiting for brinkster to bring up .NET 2.0).


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