Tuesday, October 11, 2005

It's diving me crazy

Now, I got a virus. Not my computer, myself got it. I'm feeling always sick and weak... means I'm not doing much for university etc. The worst thing is that I'm no good boyfriend at the moment, because of this virus.

In the morning I'm OK, but after I did a little bit stuff that is more "consuming" I'm feeling weak and strange.

I guess the best is to go to bed and watch TV or read something. I could read the book about Indigo, if I'm not to weak to do that. In the morning I'm usually coding a little bit, to have some work done for my father's project. We are using Opf3 there and I'm improving the framework to get everything I need :) (includes fixing bugs).

It's very strange: I never had such a thing before. I never felt such weak. If you remember I wrote about feeling sick after coming back from turkey. It is still this kind of sick and strange. I felt better, but then I ate something that was not good for my stomach... I was also in the cold... Hopefully it gets soon better :)

Guys, I'm back in bed. See you!


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